Yes, We are giving them away!

We thought we would address something.  We have been getting emails from customers asking about the pins in their packages. We are giving them out with random orders of our Disney inspired candles. We thought we would give our customers a gift as a thank you. We know every true Disney fan loves to collect and trade pins and thought we would add to your collection or start your collection.

You don’t need to worry. We don’t see us stopping this any time soon. We promise to continue adding these to random orders for the foreseeable future.

Now, we need to add a disclaimer.  We buy a lot of pins from many locations this includes the parks all around the world, Disney hotels, and stores that sell Disney items. We understand that fake pins are a problem. We are not experts in pins and nor are the people we buy the pins from so we do apologize if you do get one. We have bought thousands of pins throughout the years and have never had trouble trading them. We have  no intent of buying fake pins but we buy so many pins its bound to happen.

We hope our customers love these little gifts. We love you all.

Thank you.

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