WOW, We Can’t Thank You Enough.

We want to say thank you. We have such great customers. We love each and everyone of you. We thank you for all the support. Our first ever Spring Sale has gone better than we ever expected. We want to bring you guys some good and bad news. We never want to bring you guys bad news so we hope to make the bad news a bit better. The bad news is we are out of the following candles/bath bombs. We are working on  getting everything back in stock to make these candles. The silver lining is we are allowing you to order the candles even though they are out of stock. We will work on getting the candles to you as soon as possible. We will also be continuing the sale for the month of April.

Please note these scents are currently  out of stock. This includes  all candles and bath bombs. You may order these scents but wont ship till in stock.

Loves Magic
Pirate’s Day Candle
Main Street Bakery Candle
Wicked Apple Candle
Ma’rumed Mate Candle
Mermaid Tail Candle
Waffle Time Candle
Island Whip Candle
Mint Julep Candle
Churro Candle

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