Our New Look… Here’s Why.

We have been hard at work these past few months. You may have seen our modernization/remake for the past few months. We love the past that we’ve had, but it’s time to expand to a market outside of our garage.  When Spindle & Knot was started we didn’t feel like we wanted to stand still and let the world crumble.. We’ve wanted to help! Here’s how we plan to do it..

No, this is not anything new, but we want to have products that feature a cause. The biggest difference is all products will be giving to something that we hold dear to our hearts.

People who been through any health care system are happy to have had it, even if it is expensive. I know our founder is grateful for the ability to see a doctor when they dealt with a stent of bad health. Imagine not even having the ability to see a doctor and the nearest one are hours away. How about not even having the ability to get medicine for the basic of needs. We know that we will not be solving all the health problems of the world, but there needs to be some more help out there.

We are teaming up with Butterfly Network to offer their groundbreaking ultrasound scanner to remote parts of the world.

We will be releasing some more news shortly on some other changes happening soon. We are very happy about the new updates we will be releasing in the upcoming months so stay tuned.

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