Missing Products

We just wanted to say thank you for all the people letting us know our website is missing bath bombs and soaps. We have also noticed this problem. Those products are currently out of stock and are having problems.. Aka.. We  don’t know how to do. And we can’t change out of stock to back orders so the products show up on the website.  We are working on this and promise to have this fixed shortly. We didn’t expect to run out of stock. We are not bragging but are humble and thankful for all the support. Our teething problems will go away and  promise to make the shopping experience easy.

Also, we would love to leave little bit of Easter eggs in blogs that just talk about things going wrong. We want to let you know we are going to have a contest. To be the first to know sign up for our newsletter. We never  spam and only tell you about sales and things like contests.

Also, please note our CBD products are also no longer on our site. Read here why.. 

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